Mirosia is an unstable dimension. Portals to other realms open, ripping chunks out of other planes and realities, creating a land full of floating islands, drifting eternally in the mists, some in the seas and many upon the winds themselves. Four stars connect the world to the elemental planes, providing the energy that fuels Mirosia's natural cycles.

At the center of Mirosia, there is a single island, the only one of it's kind - for it is fixed in place. It's name, Mirosia, has become synonymous with the name of the plane itself. A fledgling civilization has taken root on the Isle of Mirosia, struggling for stability in the chaos of an ever-changing world. Flying ships from the Isle of Mirosia sail between islands, carrying adventurers to scout out and defeat threats, find valuable resources, and rescue survivors from other worlds.

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